project #3

name: stART Cultura

project: Brand Identity



Start is a startup founded by three women that work in various fields of the exhibitions and events business. They are in art, cinema and photography critic. They are also involved in managing events for the Biennale of Art in Venice so they needed a good visibility.



My approach was to create all the identity from scratch. They give only the naming, Start, a word that contains the word ART and means also "start" as a starting point. After few attempts, I found a path based on only one letter in the naming, the A. The idea was that in all the three sectors, art, cinema and photography, the content is shown in a frame, maybe squared or maybe rectangular. The piece of art is also illuminated by a spotlight or projected on a screen by a light beam. The geometric shape of a light beam is a triangle, like the letter A. 

I created an A shape as a light. From the bottom of the A, a part of the frame inserts the light forming the symbol of the logotype, inside the lettering. A unique way to represent tho whole, also using a clean sand serif font for the rest of the lettering. 

This kind of symbol, is used throughout the identity.

tools:sketching, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe inDesign