project #4

name: Martesana
project: rebranding

Martesana is a historic brand based in Milan that operates in the haute patisserie sector.
With 4 locations and an excellent reputation, they asked for a modern rebranding proposal while maintaining the orange corporate color. In the first slide you can see the old logotype which is very classical and very small to read at small sizes. 

In this project you can see the original slides of the proposal to the client. The project now is in the hands of the client for the approval.

My proposal is based on a minimal and modern approach. The concept to design the new logotype, is based on two values taken from Milan culture symbols. The first one is the shape of a historical bridge close to the main location that crosses the small river named Martesana, which is the naming of the company. The second idea came from Panettone, which is a famous historical cake from Milanese Christmas tradition. The upper shape of the panettone is the curve in the negative space of the lower part of the bridge. You can see it more clearly in slide #8 and #9. These two shapes intersect and you can read the letter M of Martesana but also a Panettone opened without the central slice or a perspective bridge with the entrance on the right side.

tools:sketching, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe inDesign