project #5

name: Arion / Substance LTD

project: Brand Identity



Arion is a new Brand that produces and distribute sanitising and care products such as soap, cream, spray and so on. The request was directly from an Hong Kong based agency which I worked for and the design briefing was very specific about the style that the client wanted.



It was a very challenging project because the client wanted a winged horse as symbol, since Arion was a mythological creature that represent strength and power. Usually a winged horse is used maybe for fantasy stuff or corporate as insurance and so on. I tried to find a different way to represent the symbol, and I designed two proposals, The first one was very clean and fresh and the second one (the one in this presentation) was classical. After a long research both online and offline, I found a picture where this creature was depicted on a very old vase from Greece. I reconstructed the shape and tried to replicate the same feeling from the ancient archeology. The symbol is the horse and for the lettering I used an evergreen: Futura 

tools:sketching, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe inDesign